Are you aware of this little-known hazard to motorcyclists?

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Are you aware of this little-known hazard to motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorcyclists should be able to ride around without having to worry that people have introduced hazards into the roadways. Many people don’t think much about how their actions can impact motorcyclists. This is especially true for people who are doing yard work. 

One hazard that poses a very serious risk to motorcyclists is grass clippings. There are several reasons these have such a negative impact on motorcycles.

Why are grass clippings so dangerous for people on motorcycles?

Grass clippings create a slick road surface. Because grass clippings are approximately 85% water, they can create a patch that prevents the motorcycle’s wheels from contacting the pavement. It doesn’t matter if there’s moisture on the grass clippings or not. The grass clippings on the road are akin to a sheet of ice on the pavement for a motorcyclist. They can lead to the motorcyclist losing control of their motorcycle. 

The other possibility is that the motorcyclist will swerve to try to avoid the grass clippings. This could cause them to move into the path of another vehicle. If other vehicles swerve to avoid the clippings, they could also strike the motorcycle.

With the spring season here, it’s imperative that everyone thinks carefully about motorcycle safety. Everyone plays an important role in this.

Any motorcyclist who’s suffered an injury because of a wreck caused by grass clipping or any other cause should ensure they receive medical care for their injuries. Once the immediate medical crisis is past, it’s wise to speak to an attorney about your right to compensation for your injuries and losses.