What slip-and-fall hazards do you face as a grocery store customer? 

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What slip-and-fall hazards do you face as a grocery store customer? 

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Slip And Falls |

While most of us would love to avoid having to step foot in a grocery store, it’s something that nearly all of us have to do from time to time. Many of us head into the store quickly, with our minds set on picking up a few select items. 

That speed with which you dash into a store to pick up something can put you at risk of getting hurt. There are many slip-and-fall dangers that you may encounter at your local supermarket that you need to recognize for your own safety.

Leaking refrigerators and thawing freezers

A sign that refrigeration equipment, like a freezer, is in disrepair is when it stops keeping things as cool as it should or starts thawing out. Water may begin to pool under and around it when this happens, leaving unsuspecting consumers vulnerable to slipping and falling.

Spilled liquids and food

Many food products can become quite messy if they fall or spill on the floor. Produce, oils and sauces are some of them. Laundry detergent and drinks are other products that can leave behind a residue that’s hard to clean. All of these can put you at risk of slipping, tripping or falling.

Flooring issues

Many grocery stores feature either tile or wood flooring, both of which can become uneven, chipped or otherwise in disrepair over time. Any of these flaws may cause you to catch your foot and trip, resulting in a catastrophic fall. 

Frayed or damaged rugs

You’re likely accustomed to seeing large rugs as you enter the grocery store. These are there to minimize the chances of customers tracking in water and debris from outside. Any instance in which its edges become frayed or turned up may leave you vulnerable to suffering a slip, trip or fall. 

Your rights if you suffer injuries in a slip, trip or fall

Almost every state, including New York, requires business owners to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition at all times. State law also allows consumers to sue companies that don’t take necessary measures to keep their premises safe. 

Slip and fall incidents can result in catastrophic injuries. Learn more about how to protect your legal interests when you make a claim for your losses.