Lay a sturdy foundation for your medical malpractice claim

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Lay a sturdy foundation for your medical malpractice claim

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

New York, including the Staten Island area, has some of the finest physicians in the country. They have worked hard to hone their skills and provide top-quality medical care for residents.

Despite this, tragedy can still occur in a health care setting. Doctors and other medical workers are human and prone to making mistakes. Unfortunately, some medical errors are especially catastrophic, leaving victims with significant financial hardships. Often, they have no way to overcome these hardships other than to file a medical malpractice claim.

Build your claim on a strong foundation

What you do following a medical malpractice injury can have an enormous effect on your claim. For example, if you ignore the situation or fail to get another medical opinion, it can harm your odds of success.

The tips below empower you to build your claim from the ground up, typically resulting in a favorable outcome.

  • Speak with the involved parties to find out what happened and how your medical injury occurred. Be sure to document your communications with the healthcare provider.  
  • Work with another medical professional or expert to get an assessment of your case and obtain a certificate of merit. Such a certificate can help prove your claim.
  • Contact the medical licensing board in your region to learn your next steps and further establish the details of the incident.

The tips above contribute to the “paper trail” surrounding your injury and your medical malpractice claim. This paper trail helps prove your case and may make it easier to get the outcome you deserve.

It is also vital to learn as much as possible about filing a medical malpractice claim in your location. For example, you need to know the deadlines involved with malpractice claims so that you do not run out of time. A legal advocate can help you learn more about New York medical malpractice law.