How distracted is your doctor?

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How distracted is your doctor?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Do you feel like your doctor is distracted when you go see them? Maybe you just go in for a checkup, and they spend most of it on the computer. Or perhaps you have something serious you want to talk about, but they keep looking at their phone.

This type of distraction can be very dangerous to you as a patient. For instance, if this is just a preliminary meeting and you want the doctor to give you a recommendation or make a diagnosis, how accurate is that diagnosis if they’ve been thinking about something else? Clearly, if they’re trying to treat you or determine what medication you need, then this is even more hazardous. They need to give you the type of attention you deserve so that you get good results. 

Electronic devices have changed things 

Doctors have always been at risk of some level of distraction, as all workers are. But electronic devices have certainly made this more common than it used to be. 

In many cases, doctors are distracted by their own devices, such as a personal phone or work phone. They could also be distracted when they’re forced to use technology, such as a computer, in the office. For instance, many offices now use electronic health records. These come with a lot of benefits and they are easy to transfer from one location to another, but they do mean that doctors now have an obligation to use these electronic devices, and they may not pay as much attention to the patients that they’re seeing. 

 If any of this happens and your doctor makes a mistake that harms you, be sure you know how to seek financial compensation.